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Long live Umuada Ugo!!!! Long live Otumunne!!!!!!!!!!!


Open to all women 18 years and above, married and unmarried who support the mission of the organization.  


  • A Georgia Non Profit Corporation and Federal 501(c)(3) Corporation.


  • Igbo Union Atlanta (IUA) Alliance of Nigerian Organizations in Georgia (ANOG)
  • Milestone:

    • 1987- Launched IGBOFEST (Otu Umunne\'s signature Igbo festival)

      1994 - Participated in Cherry Blossom Festival, the October-fest by Nigerian
      ............Organization of Middle Georgia, the National Black Arts Festival in Atlanta
      ............(showcased Igbo dance) and performed at the Macon's Grand Opera House.

      1995 - Participated in Mother Africa Children's summit in Atlanta, displayed Nigerian arts.

      1997 - Launched and celebrated our first coming of age ceremony "Rite of Passage".

      1997 - Participant in the Central Georgia Pan African Festival Macon-Georgia,
      ...........displayed our Igbo traditional dances.

      2004 - Contributions to aid victims of the 2004 Indian ocean tsunami.

      2004 - Our First Women Conference and Retreat.

      2005 - Contributions to aid victims of the Category 5 Atlantic Hurricane "Katrina".

      2005 - Launched our new traditional dance - Ode-nji-ji dance. First-ever "IGBA OSO EGWU"
      ............event in the Americas. This is a pre-outing/pre-launching dance night-out and ceremony .

      2005 - Organized and succesfully hosted our first summer camp.

      2006 - Participant in March of Dimes in Atlanta, Georgia.

      2006 - Celebrated 20 years of excellent service in grand style.

      >> Contributions to agencies that cater to children and families both in the
      ..... United States and Nigeria.

      >> Participated in various fundraising activities and Igbo festivals.